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A Child’s Thought

A Child's ThoughtA Children’s Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

At seven, when I go to bed,
I see such pictures in my head.

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A Christmas Dream, and How it Came True

A Christmas Dream and How it Came True Story

A Christmas story by Louisa May Alcott.

“I always find heaps of goodies in my stocking. Don’t like some of them, and soon get tired of those I do like. Then there is a Christmas tree somewhere, with a doll on top, or a stupid old Santa Claus. Really, mamma, I’ve had so many Christmases all alike that I don’t think I can bear another one.”
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A Dog’s Tale

A Dog's Tale

A Children’s Classic by Mark Twain.

The tale of wonderful collie who learns all that is important from her cultured mother. When moved to a lovely family a long way off, she has everything she could dream of. One night, a fire breaks out in the house…

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A Good Play

A Good Play

A Children’s Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We built a ship upon the stairs
All mde of the back-bedroom chairs,

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A Kidnapped Santa Claus

A Kidnapped Santa ClausA nice Christmas Story by L. Frank Baum

The seven demons are getting lonely because all the children are being so good and don’t need to visit their caves anymore. This Christmas, they have come up with a plan to make the children unhappy so that they will be naughty…
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A Lac of Rupees for a bit of Advice

A Lac of Rupees for a Bit of Advice StoryA Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Having been banished by his father,the king, for buying advice from a poor woman, he sets out on his own. The advice proves true and by following it, he avoids danger and realises his potential.
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An Autumn Greeting

An Autumn GreetingAnonymous.

‘Come’, said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
‘Come over the meadow and we will play.’

Audio Length 0:25

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The Story of AshputtelA Fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

A Cinderella Story: the poor sister who slaves after her siblings and is not allowed to go to the ball. But Ashputtel has a magic bird in the garden who helps her.
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At the Seaside

At the Seaside PoemA Children’s Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

When I was down beside the sea
A wooden spade they gave to me.

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Away in a Manger

The famous children’s Christmas carol.

The wonderful carol of Away in a Manger about the time when Jesus was born to Mary and  Joseph in a stable.

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Beauty and the Beast

The Story of Beauty and the BeastThe Classic Fairy Tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

Beauty goes to live with a beast so that her father’s life will be spared, but life is not what she feared.
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Bed in Summer

Bed in Summer

A Child’s Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In Winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candlelight.

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BinnorieA Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

The jealous princess takes her sister to the mill-stream of Binnorie to drown her. But will she be silenced forever?

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Briar Rose

The Story of Briar RoseThe original Sleeping Beauty Fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm.

When their wish of having a daughter is granted, the king and queen have a party to which the fairies are invited. However one is a witch and casts a spell which comes to pass on Briar Rose’s fifteenth birthday.

Audio Length 12:58

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Buttercups and Daisies

Poem of Buttercups and DaisiesA Spring Poem by Mary Howitt.

Buttercups and daisies – Oh the pretty flowers,
Coming ere the Springtime, To tell of sunny hours.

Audio Length 2:04

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Cap O’Rushes

Cap O'Rushes FairytaleThe Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Disappointed with his youngest daughter’s answer as to how much she loves him, the King throws her out of the castle. She finds work as a maid and slowly her fortune changes, but can she prove her love to him?
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Cat and Mouse in Partnership

Story of Cat and Mouse in PartnershipA story by the Brothers Grimm.

This Cat and Mouse partnership seems to be going well, until Mouse finds out that thier food reserve is all gone. An accusation returns this relationship to a more conventional one.
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The Story of Cat-SkinA Fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

This unhappy princess runs away and finds herself a job as a poor scullery-maid. But the truth slowly begins to emerge.
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Christmas Under the Snow

Christmas Under the SnowA very Christmassy story by Olive Thorne Miller.

The wonderful story of  the Barnes family at Christmas time. What will they do? All snowed in and no Christmas dinner!

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Cinderella StoryThe original Fairy Tale by George Routledge and Sons.

This poor girl is treated like a servant by her sisters. They leave for the Prince’s ball, and a fairy Godmother visits Cinderella, changing her fortune forever.
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Clever Elsie

Clever Elsie Fairy taleA Funny Story by the Brothers Grimm.

Hans marries Elsie because of how clever she is. But he soon finds out that she is not so clever as everyone thought.
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Clever Gretel

The Fairytale Clever GretelA Funny Fairytale from the Brothers Grimm.

This greedy cook finds she has eaten all her masters dinner and comes up with a clever way to hide it!
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Clever Hans

The Story of Clever HansA kid’s story by the Brothers Grimm.

Clever Hans is not so clever after all. Follow his visits to his fiancee, Gretel, and see how he carries home his gifts. He always does as mother says, but should he? Watch out for an unexpected ending!
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Doctor Knowall

The story of Doctor KnowallThe fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers.

Seeing how well a doctor could live, this poor peasant decides to call himself one too! Now Dr Knowall, he receives a request for help from a rich lord…but does he really know all?
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Edgar Allan Poe's 'Eldorado'The children’s poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

Gaily bedight,
A gallant knight,

Audio Length 1:21

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Escape at Bedtime

Escape at Bedtime PoemA lovely bedtime poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The lights from the parlour and kitchen shone out
Through the blinds and the windows and bars;

Audio Length 1:29

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Fall, Leaves, Fall

Fall, Leaves, Fall by BronteA beautiful poem by Emily Bronte.

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away
Lengthen Night and shorten day;

Audio Length 0:44

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Foreign Lands

Foreign Lands PoemA poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Up into the cherry tree
Who should climb but little me?

Audio Length 1:28

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Frederick and Catherine

Frederick and CatherineA fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers.

Catherine is very silly and makes many mistakes, exasperating her poor husband. When she gives away the last of thier gold, they head out to get it back, one mistake at a time!
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From a Railway Carriage

From a Railway Carriage PoemA poem for kids by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;

Audio Length 1:17

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Fundevogel StoryA story by the Brothers Grimm.

These half-siblings are the best of friends, so when Lina hears of a plan to kill Fundevogel, they run away together. With a little magic, they disguise themselves in order to escape their pursuers.
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Hans in Luck

Hans in Luck StoryA funny story from the Grimm Brothers.

Hans has a very different view on luck and when he sells his silver for a horse, he embarks on a journey that leaves him feeling like the luckiest man in the world! Continue reading ‘Hans in Luck’ »

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Fairy TaleThe classic Fairytale by the Brothers Grimm.

After thier wicked step-mother leaves the children in the woods, they find a gingerbread house and meet a witch who wants to eat them.
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How doth the Little Crocodile

How doth the Little Crocodile PoemThe funny poem by Lewis Carroll.

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,

Audio Length 0:34

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How Jack Went to Seek his Fortune

How Jack Went Forth to Seek his FortuneA funny story by Joseph Jacobs.

Jack accumulates animal friends on his journey to seek his fortune. Needing a place to rest, he makes a plan to see off some robbers living in a house.
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How Pleasant to know Mr Lear

How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear PoemA funny poem about and by Edward Lear.

How pleasant to know Mr. Lear,
Who has written such volumes of stuff.

Audio Length 2:19

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How the Leopard Got its Spots

How the Leopard Got its Spots StoryThe Just-so Story from Rudyard Kipling.

The leopard and the Ethiopian go off in search of their run-away food. They come across the jungle and learn to adapt to their new surroundings.
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Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby SongAn anonymous bedtime poem.

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word,
Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

Auidio Length 1:00

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I remember, I remember

I remember poem by HoodThe poem by Thomas Hood.

I remember, I remember,
The house where I was born,

Audio Length 1:58

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I Saw a Peacock

I Saw a Peacock PoemA lovely anonymous children’s poem.

I Saw a Peacock, with a fiery tail,
I saw a Blazing Comet, drop down hail,

Audio Length 1:19

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Iron Hans

Iron Hans StoryA fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

When the king’s son’s ball falls into the cage of the wild man, he opens the door to retreive it, setting the creature free. Grateful, the thing looks after the boy and comes to him when called, presenting whatever he wishes. But will anyone know the truth of who the boy really is?
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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

It's Raining, It's Pouring Rhyme

An Anonymous Rhyme.

It’s raining, it’s pouring; The old man is snoring.

Audio Length 0:23

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Jabberwocky PoemA wonderful Lewis Carroll poem for kids.

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

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Jack and His Golden Snuff-Box

Jack and His Golden Snuff-BoxA fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Never having met any other than his own parents, Jack heads off into the world and before long meets a lovely girl whose father offers her hand if he can pass three tasks. But when one goes awry, he has one year to set things straight, with a little help from his friends.
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Jack and the Beanstalk

The Story of Jack and the BeanstalkThe famous fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

A young boy exchanges his cow for some beans and his angry mother throws them into the garden. But by morning, a giant beanstalk leads Jack to another world.
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Jack Hannaford

Jack Hannaford StoryA Joseph Jacobs Story.

After Jack Hannaford’s visit, we are all left wondering who is silliest; the man or his wife!
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Jimmy Scarecrow’s Christmas

Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas StoryA lovely Christmas Story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

Jimmy Scarecrow is sad in the winter as he has nothing to keep him busy. But he hears jingle bells and a very nice old man offers him a job!

Audio Length 16:45

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Johnny Cake

Johnny Cake StoryThe original Gingerbread Man story by Joseph Jacobs.

This Johnny Cake hops out of the oven and rolls off down the lane, scoffing as he goes. Is anyone he meets faster than him?

Audio Length 5:52

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Jorinda and Jorindel

Jorinda and Jorindel FairyTaleA fairy tale from the Grimm Brothers.

Poor Jorinda is trapped as a bird in the fairy’s castle. Her fiance, Jorindel must find a way to approach the castle without being turned to stone. Can he free her?

Audio Length 10:18

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King Grisly-Beard

King Grisly-Beard StoryA funny story by the Brothers Grimm.

When the princess is to choose a husband, she stands her suitors in a line and mocks each of them, calling one ‘Grisly-Beard’. Embarassed by her arrogance, her father determines to marry her to the next man to enter the castle. As it happens, it is a poor fiddler, who walks her through King Grisly-Beard’s beautiful kindom before arriving at his dirty hole.
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Lazy Jack

Lazy Jack StoryA story by Joseph Jacobs.

Jack’s mother is fed up with his laziness and sends him out to get work. Each day he finds work and each night manages to ruin his reward.

Audio Length 5:10

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Lily and the Lion

Lily and the LionA magical story from the Brothers Grimm.

The daughter fulfills her fathers promise by going to where the lion lives, only to find him an enchanted prince! But the spell on him becomes deeper and her journey begins in earnest.
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Little Red Cap

Little Red Cap StoryThe story of Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm.

Little Red Cap is taking some treats to her grandmother when she meets the hungry wolf. Running late, she arrives at the house to find a nasty surprise.
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Lullaby, oh, Lullaby

Lullaby, oh, Lullaby PoemA lovely sleepy poem by Christina Rossetti.

Lullaby, oh, lullaby!
Flowers are closedand lambs are sleeping;

Audio Length 0:47

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Monday’s Child

Monday's Child RhymeThe famous anonymous rhyme.

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Audio Length 0:47

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Mother Holle

Mother Holle FairytaleA Brothers Grimm Fairytale.

A beautiful girl falls down a well and wakes in a magical land. She works there for Mother Holle and receives a handsome reward. Her jealous sister decides to follow in her footsteps with a different outcome.
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Mouse and Mouser

Mouse and Mouser StoryA play by Joseph Jacobs.

It seems some friendships are never meant to be; as the Mouse and the Cat show here.
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Mr and Mrs Spikkey Sparrow

Mr and Mrs Spikkey Sparrow  PoemA lovely poem by Edward Lear.

On a little piece of wood,
Mr. Spikky Sparrow stood;

Audio Length 3:40

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Mr. Vinegar

Mr. Vinegar  Fairy TaleA Story by Joseph Jacobs.

Upon finding some money, this poor couple decide to purhcase a cow and sell the milk and cheese. But when Mr.Vinegar buys the cow, he becomes distracted and makes a few bad decisions.
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My Shadow

My Shadow PoemA poem for kids by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.

Audio Length 1:54

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Nix Nought Nothing

Nix Nought Nothing StoryA story from Joseph Jacobs.

The unfortunate name of ‘Nix Nought Nothing’ leads to a misunderstanding and the King’s boy is given to a giant! With the help of the giant’s daughter, he escapes. But will his parents know him now that he’s a man?
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Old Sultan

Old Sultan StoryA great story of friendship by the Grimms Brothers.

The wolf helps Old Sultan win the love of his family, only to request help of his own. But Old Sultan cannot help and their friendship takes a knock. Thank goodness the three-legged cat turns up!
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Picture-books in Winter

Picture-books in Winter PoemA wintry poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Summer fading, winter comes,
Frosty mornings, tingling thumbs,

Audio Length 1:24

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Pirate Story

Pirate Story PoemA fun children’s poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Three of us afloat in the meadow by the swing,
Three of us aboard in the basket on the lea.

Audio Length 1:12

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Rain in Summer

Rain in Summer PoemA seasonal poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat,

Audio Length 0:52

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Rapunzel StoryThe traditional tale of Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.

Rapunzel is locked in a tower by her evil step-mother, but a Prince finds her and they plan her escape.
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Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast PoemA Christmas Poem by William Allingham.

Goodbye, goodbye to Summer!
For Summer’s nearly done;

Audio Length 2:04

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Rumpelstiltskin StoryThe classic fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers.

A girl is locked in a tower and told to spin straw into gold if she wants to live. But she is not magical so when a goblin offers his help, she accepts. His price, however, is high and now it is time to collect his payment.
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Fairy taleThe famous story by the Brothers Grimm.

Snow White is so beautiful that her jealous, evil step-mother tries to kill her. So she runs away and meets an interesting group who look after her. But the step-mother finds out where she is…
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Snow-White and Rose-Red

Snow-White and Rose-Red StoryA lovely story about sisters by the Grimm Brothers.

These two sisters are the best of friends and love to spend the day playing with animals in the woods. But one day they find a little dwarf whose beard is stuck.
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Snowdrop StoryAnother version of ‘Snow White’ from the Brothers Grimm.

Snowdrop is so beautiful that her jealous, evil step-mother tries to kill her. So she runs away and meets an interesting group who look after her. But the step-mother finds out where she is…The Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
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Spring PoemA lovely seasonal poem by William Blake.

Sound the flute! Now it’s mute!
Bird’s delight, Day and night,

Audio Length 1:11

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Star Light

Star Light RhymeA sleepy rhyme, anonymous.

Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,

Audio Length 0:26

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Summer Sun

Summer Sun PoemA happy summer poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Great is the sun, and wide he goes,
Through empty heaven without repose;

Audio Length 1:33

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Sweetheart Roland

Sweetheart Roland StoryA dark and sad tale from the Brothers Grimm.

Hearing of a plot to kill her, this girl escapes from her step-mother and runs off with her boyfriend. They use some magic to disguise themselves and decide that Roland would go to the village first and return for her. But a long time later, he has not returned…
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Swing, Swing

Swing, Swing PoemA fun poem by William Allingham.

Swing, Swing, Sing, Sing,
Here my throne and I am King.

Audio Length 1:26

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Teeny-Tiny Story

A lovely little story from  Joseph Jacbos

This teeny-tin woman lives in a teeny-tiny world and a teeny-tiny voice has frightened her.
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The Ass and the Grasshopper

The Ass and the Grasshopper Fable
A fable from Aesop.

Moral: Ask the right questions.
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The Bat and the Weasels

The Bat and the Weasels Fable
An animal fable by Aesop.

Moral: It is wise to turn circumstances to good account.
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The Beginning of the Armadillos

The Beginning of the Armadillos StoryA wonderful Just-So story by Rudyard Kipling.

The hedgehog and the tortoise have avoided being ‘lunch’ for the young jaguar as he just can’t tell which is which. Until now. They must learn each others skills if they are to further confuse him and avoid being eaten.

Audio Length 20:11

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The Blue Light

The Blue Light StoryAnother fairytale by the Grimm Brothers.

Having been fired by the king for being too wounded to work, this Soldier wanders into a wood, hungry and thirsty, whereupon he meets a witch. While working for her, he finds a very special blue light! How his life changes!
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The Boy Hunting Locusts

The Boy Hunting Locusts FableOne of Aesop’s Fables.

Moral: Carelessness has consequences.
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The Cat That Walked By Himself

The Cat That Walked By Himself StoryAnother sacred story from Rudyard Kipling about the beginnings of things.

In times when all animals were wild, the woman set about making them all tame, so that they could all work together. But the cat is having none of it.

Audio Length 33:57

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The Cock and the Jewel

The Cock and the Jewel StoryAnother of Aesop’s Fables.

Moral: The disharmony between needs and possessions.
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The Daddy Long-Legs and the Fly

The Daddy Long-Legs and the Fly PoemA funny poem by Edward Lear.

Once Mr. Daddy Long-legs, Dressed in brown and gray,
Walked about upon the sands, Upon a sumer’s day;
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The Dog and the Shadow

The Dog and the Shadow PoemA wonderful telling of the Aesop fable; a poem by Richard Scrafton Sharpe.

A hungry dog some meat had seized,
And, with the ample booty pleased,

Audio Length 1:42

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The Dog and the Sparrow

The Dog and the Sparrow StoryAnother story from the Brothers Grimm.

A sparrow and a dog become good friends, but one day a tragic event leaves the sparrow angry for revenge. This dark tale follows his trail of punishment till the very end.
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The Duck and the Kangaroo

The Duck and the KangarooA great poem for kids by Edward Lear.

Said the Duck to the Kangaroo, ‘Good gracious! how you hop!
Over the fields and the water too, As if you never would stop!’

Audio Length 2:17

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The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Elves and the Shoemaker StoryThe famous tale by the Brothers Grimm.

A shoemaker and his wife are very poor and have very little leather left to make and sell shoes. But some secret night-time visitors start helping and the shoemaker’s success improves.
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The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes StoryThe funny fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

This emperor loves clothes and commissions two men to make him one of their famous suits. It is said that it can only be seen by clever people, so why can no one see it?
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The Father and his Sons

The Father and his Sons FableAnother Aesop Fable.

Moral: There is strength in union.
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The Fir Tree

The Fir TreeA Christmas story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place he had was a very good one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, and round him grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But the little Fir wanted so very much to be a grown-up tree.
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The Fisherman and his Wife

The Fisherman and his Wife StoryA funny lesson from the Brothers Grimm.

When the fisherman tells his wife of the enchanted fish-prince he released, she demands he returns to request a favour in return. Granted her wish, her greed grows and grows.
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The Fly-Away Horse

The Fly-Away Horse PoemA lovely bedtime poem for children by Eugene Field.

Oh, a wonderful horse is the Fly-Away Horse –
Perhaps you have seen him before;

Audio Length 3:55

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The Foolish Fir-Tree

The Foolish Fir-Tree Poem
A lovely Christmas poem by Henry Van Dyke.


A Little fir grew in the midst of the wood
Contented and happy, as young trees should.
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The Four Clever Brothers

The Four Clever Brothers StoryA story from the Grimm Brothers.

After four years apart, four brothers and thier father meet to demonstrate their new skills. Learning of a distress call from the King,they set off to help. But which of them should win the prize?
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The Fox and the Cat

The Fox and the Cat StoryA short story by the Brothers Grimm.

Honoured to meet Fox, Cat starts a polite conversation, only to be belittled and embarrassed. But then, fate steps in to make a point.
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The Fox and the Horse

The Fox and the Horse StoryAn animal story by Brothers Grimm

Having been sent away by his master for being too old to work, the horse wanders into a wood where he meets a fox…
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The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince StoryThe famous tale by the Brothers Grimm.

A frog fetches a princess’ ball out of the pond, but she doesn’t keep her side of the promise. So he finds her castle and insists on eating and sleeping there for three nights, as agreed.
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The Gift of the Magi


A happy/sad Christmas story by O. Henry

This poor couple love each other very much and want to buy each other the nicest presents. But they have very little money. Find out what they do, what presents they give and how much they pay for them!

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The Golden Bird

The Golden Bird StoryA fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

The youngest brother is the only one who heeds the advice of the fox and manages to win the treasure for their father. But his brothers deceive him and take it all for themselves, until the fox appears again to help.
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The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose StoryThe fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

Dummling is the youngest son and is not as strong or clever as his brothers. But he is kinder and this trait leads him on a journey his brothers could only dream of.
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The Goose-Girl

The Goose-Girl StoryAnother short story for children by the Brothers Grimm.

Her maid has stolen her horse and clothes and arrives at the prince’s castle looking like the bride. But the poor princess, wearing the maid’s clothes, is offered a job looking after the geese. It is lucky that she has some magic as this alerts the king to his son’s false bride. Find out how.
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The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince StoryA wonderful classic for children from Oscar Wilde.

This statue is of the late Prince who was always happy. But now he sits outside the castle walls and sees hardship and suffering and it makes him sad. A sparrow takes shelter on him and they become friends, doing good deeds all over the town.

Audio Length 25:20

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The Jumblies

The Jumblies PoemA lovely, inspiring poem from Edward Lear.

They went to sea in a Sieve, they did,
In a Sieve they went to sea:

Audio Length 4:37

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The Juniper-Tree

The Juniper-Tree StoryA dark short story from the Grimm Brothers.

A wicked step-mother kills her son so that her daughter can be the sole heir to her husbands wealth. But she is so ashamed that she makes her daughter feel responsible. Once buried, the boy returns as a bird to take revenge.
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The King of the Golden Mountain

The King of the Golden Mountain Short StoryA short story by the Brothers Grimm.

A fairy had told Heinel of his iminent fortune and so he happily sets sail on rough waters. Finding an enchanted land, he undergoes the pains to break the spell and marries the beautiful princess. But after years there, he longs to see his father and makes a promise to his wife.
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The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod PoemA dreamy poem for children by Robert Louis Stevenson.

From breakfast on through all the day,
At home among my friends I stay,

Audio Length 1:13

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The Land of Story-Books

The Land of Story-Books  PoemA Robert Louis Stevenson Poem.


At evening when the lamp is lit,
Around the fire my parents sit;

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The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse FableAnother of Aesop’s Fables

Moral: It is possible for even a mouse to confer benefits on a lion.
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The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl StoryThe short story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Thousands of lights were burning on the green branches, and gaily-colored pictures, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down upon her. The little maiden stretched out her hands towards them when—the match went out. The lights of the Christmas tree rose higher and higher, she saw them now as stars in heaven; one fell down and formed a long trail of fire.

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The Little Peasant

The Little Peasant StoryA short story by the Brothers Grimm.

This poor Peasant uses his cunning to make a little money. His trickery proves very lucrative!
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The Lobster-quadrille

The Lobster-quadrille PoemThe funny poem by Lewis Carroll.

Will you walk a little faster? said a whiting to a snail,
There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.

Audio Length 1:19

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The Master and His Pupil

The Master and His Pupil StoryA story by the Grimm Brothers.

A silly servant to the great ‘know-all master’ decides to gather some secrets while the master is away.But not knowing the language, he speaks a spell that sends things spiralling out of control!
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The Miser in the Bush

The Miser in the Bush StoryThe short story by the Brothers Grimm.

A poor peasant goes on his travels with just three pennies. But he offers them to a bird who rewards him with three wishes. Find out how he makes use of them!
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The Mouse, the Cock and the Cat

The Mouse, the Cock and the Cat PoemA cautionary tale by Richard Scrafton Sharpe.

A Silly young Mouse, Ventur’d out of the house,
In spite of his mother’s advice;

Audio Length 2:32

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The New Vestments

The New Vestments PoemA very funny poem by Edward Lear.

There lived an old man in the kingdom of Tess,
who invented a purely original dress;

Audio Length 3:24

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The Night before Christmas

The Night Before ChristmasThe famous Christmas Poem by Clement Clarke Moore.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…

Audio Length 4:45

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The North Wind

The North Wind RhymeThe Anonymous Rhyme.

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?

Audio Length 0:32

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The Old Woman and Her Pig

The Old Woman and Her Pig StoryA funny short story by Joseph Jacobs.

This woman goes to great lengths to get her pig home; requesting the help of a host of strangers who all need a little persuasion.

Audio Length 5:42

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The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat PoemThe famous poem by Edward Lear.

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,
In a beautiful pea-green boat.

Audio Length 1:56

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of HamelinThe famous poem by Robert Browning.

Into the street the Piper stept, Smiling first a little smile,
As if he knew what magic slept. In his quiet pipe the while;

Audio Length 18:41

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The Pink

The Pink FairytaleAnother Fairytale by the Brothers Grimm.

The Queen’s baby has a gift:he can wish for anything and it will appear before him. The Cook decides to kidnap him and hides him away, but the poor queen is accused of carelessness for losing him and is sentenced to seven years in a tower. Years later, the boy finds out who he is…
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The Pobble who has no Toes

The Pobble who has no Toes PoemAn charming poem by Edward Lear.


The Pobble who has no toes, Had once as many as we;
When they said ‘Some day you may lose them all';
He replied ‘Fish, fiddle-de-dee!’

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The Princess and The Pea

The Princess and the Pea StoryAn enchanting tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

How can you tell a real princess? This Queen knows and she tests her method on a guest!
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The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee StoryA short story by the Brothers Grimm.

When the youngest brother joins them on their journey, the two elder brothers mock him as he is a dwarf and cannot do as much as them. But they discover an enchanted castle made of marble. Who can break the spell?
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The Rainbow

The Rainbow PoemA lovely poem by Christina Rossetti.

Boats sail on the rivers,
And ships sail on the seas;

Audio Length 0:50

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The Raven

The Raven StoryAnother short story by the Brothers Grimm.

Wandering alone in the woods, a man meets a raven who is really an enchanted girl. He agrees to help break the spell, but can he pass the tests ahead of him?
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The Remarkable Rocket

The Remarkable Rocket StoryA children’s story by Oscar Wilde.

Nobody knows better how remarkable this rocket is than the Remarkable Rocket himself. He considers the Prince very honoured to have him perform at the wedding. But being a sensitive soul, his tears dampen more than just the occassion and his ‘letting off’ is not quite what he expected.

Audio Length 31:14

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The Robber Bridegroom

The Robber Bridegroom StoryA strange tale by the Brothers Grimm.

Having never visited her fiance, the girl reluctantly accepts an invitation to a party at his house. But after witnessing a scene of horror there, she flees and relays the events to her father. Find out how she brings him to justice.
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The Rock and the Bubble

The Rock and the Bubble PoemA lovely moral poem by Louisa May Alcott.

Oh! a bare, brown rock, Stood up in the sea,
The waves at its feet, Dancing merrily.

Audio Length 3:17

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The Rose-Tree

The Rose-Tree StoryA strange fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

A dark tale of a step-daughter seeking revenge for her own murder.
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The Salad

The Salad StoryAnother Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale.

With the help of a magic cloak and bird heart, this poor huntsman becomes wealthy and sets off to see the world. But when he meets a beautiful woman with a greedy witch mother, things change very quickly. Can he restore his wealth and keep the woman he loves?
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The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant StoryThe wonderful classic from Oscar Wilde.

The Giant returns from abroad to find children playing in his garden, so he throws them out and locks the gate. But why, then, is he not happy? Why do the flowers not grow and the sun not shine? This Giant goes on a beautiful journey all in his back garden!
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The Seven Ravens

The Seven Ravens StoryA short story by the Grimm Brothers.

Having inadvertently turned his seven sons into ravens , the king hides their existence from his new daugther so as not to upset her. But upon hearing of them she leaves the castle in order to find and free them.
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The Shepherdess and the Sweep

The Shepherdess and the Sweep StoryThe Hans Christian Andersen Fairy tale.

The little china ornament Shepherdess and Sweep decide to leave their table and venture out into the wide world, only find themselves back where they started…but something has changed.
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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen StoryThe famous story by Hans Christian Andersen.

The snow-flakes grew larger and larger, till at last they looked just like great white fowls. Suddenly they flew on one side; the large sledge stopped, and the person who drove rose up. It was a lady; her cloak and cap were of snow. She was tall and of slender figure, and of a dazzling whiteness. It was the Snow Queen.
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The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the FlyThe cautionary poem by Mary Howitt.

Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly, ‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
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The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was StoryAn children’s short story from the Brothers Grimm.

This youth doesn’t know very much and can’t make a living. He is interested in what it is to ‘shudder’ and when his father sends him away to look after himself, he resolves to find out.
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The Straw, The Coal and The Bean

The Straw, The Coal and The Bean StoryA strange trio in this short story for kids by the Brothers Grimm.

These three make a narrow escape from death just to find themselves at the rivers brink. Find out why beans have black seams!

Audio Length 4:22

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The Sun’s Travels

The Sun's Travels PoemA poem for kids by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The sun is not a-bed, when I,
At night upon my pillow lie;

Audio Length 0:56

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The Swing

The Swing PoemA fun poem for children by Robert Louis Stevenson.

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?

Audio Length 0:53

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The Telltale Tile

The Telltale TileA lovely story with a happy ending by Olive Thorn Miller

It is Christmas time and Miss Bennet hears that her neigbours may have to go into the poorhouse! Is there anything she can do? She has so little herself. There must be something….

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The Three Bears

The Three Bears StoryThe original fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Three Bears leave their morining porridge to cool as they take a walk in the forest. Meanwhile a naughty old woman ventures inside and helps herself to whatever she can find. What will the bears do when they get back?
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The Three Languages

The Three Languages StoryA Brothers Grimm short story.

After three years of studies, his father is angry to find out how little his son has learned and so disowns him. However, these three languages are the key to the young man’s much higher purpose.
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The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs StoryThe original story of the famous fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

The Big Bad Wolf meets his match with the third little pig who lives in a house of bricks, so he tries to lure him out earlier and earlier each day…
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The Three Sillies

The Three Sillies StoryA funny short story by Joseph Jacobs.

The Gentleman had never met such silly people as his fiancee’s family, so he sets off to find some even sillier than them before marrying the daughter.
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The Travelling Musicians

The Travelling Musicians StoryA great story for kids by the Brothers Grimm.

Donkey, dog, cat and cock leave home as they are too old to work. They plan to become musicians in the town, but on the way they find a house that takes their fancy.
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The Turnip

The Turnip StoryA funny short story from the Grimm Brothers.

This poor brother grows the biggest turnip ever seen and offers it to the King, who in return awards great wealth. His rich brother is jealous and tries his own luck.
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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses StoryA story for kids by the Brothers Grimm.

With the help of some magic, a soldier takes up a King’s challenge to find out why his twelve daughters’ shoes are always worn out in the morning. Many have tried, failed and paid with thier lives. How will his soldier fair?
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The Twelve Days of Christmas

12DaysofChristmasThe traditional song about Christmas presents.

On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A partridge in a pear tree.

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The Twelve Huntsmen

The Twelve Huntsmen StoryA short story by the Brothers Grimm.

Having left his beloved wife to visit his bed-ridden father,he learns that his dying wish is for him to marry another! In his grief he consents and makes preparations. The poor wife, hearing of this, makes some preparations of her own. Continue reading ‘The Twelve Huntsmen’ »

The Valiant Little Tailor

The Valiant Little Tailor StoryA Brothers Grimm short story.

‘Seven in one Blow’ becomes this tailor’s motif after he swats seven flies at once. But thinking he is capable of killing seven men in one blow, people start to fear and respect him. One emperor puts him to the test. Continue reading ‘The Valiant Little Tailor’ »

The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter PoemA poem from Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:

Audio Length 5:33

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The Water of Life

The Water of Life StoryOne of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.

When the king is ill, his three sons journey to find The Water of Life in order to save him. A test of all three characters, it is the youngest who comes up trumps by finding the water and rescuing his brothers. But will he be rewarded?
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The Wedding of Mrs Fox

The Wedding of Mrs Fox StoryThe kids story by the Brothers Grimm.

Mr Fox wants to test Mrs Fox’s loyalty to him and so pretends to be dead and watches as the suitors line up. But one day he really does die and this time Mrs Fox has her pick of all kinds of animals. Will she marry?
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The White Snake

The White Snake StoryAn animal story by the Brothers Grimm.

The king has a secret dish served to him everynight and the servant is so curious that he has a peak. After just one bite, his life is changed forever. Find out why!
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The Willow-Wren and the Bear

The Willow-Wren and the Bear StoryA children’s story by the Grimm Brothers.

A bear insults the young of the wren he believes is king and the wren declares war. All four footed animals prepare to fight all winged animals. Find out who are victorious.
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The Wind

The Wind PoemA lovely short poem for children by Christina Rossetti.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.

Audio Length 0:38

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The Wolf and the Lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb StoryOne of Aesop’s fables about animals.

Moral: The Tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.
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The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids StoryA short story by the Grimm Brothers.

Mother Goat leaves to collect food and warns her seven kids to be wary. But who should come a-visiting but the Big Bad Wolf, hungry for some lunch. Will the kids recognise him for what he is?
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There was and Old Lady

There was an old Lady RhymeThe funny nonsense rhyme.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.
I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she’ll die.
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Tiny Tim

Tiny TimA short Christmas tale by Charles Dickens.

THERE was once a man who did not like Christmas. His name was Scrooge, and he was a hard sour-tempered man of business, intent only on saving and making money, and caring nothing for anyone.

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Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse

Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse StoryA short story by Joseph Jacobs.

Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse do everything at the same time, but this time, it is not so. Follow the long series of events that equalisethe balance.
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Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb StoryThe famous story by the Brothers Grimm.

Tom thumb is so small that he can fit inside a snail’s shell, so surely he can’t do much good? Can he? Follow him on this adventure and learn how being small can be a great advantage.
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Tom Tit Tot

Tom Tit Tot FairytaleA fairytale by Joseph Jacobs.

The king has married a girl on the condition that she spins five yarn bundles a day in the last month of every year. But she cannot, so when a black goblin offers his help, she accepts. His price, however, is high and now it is time to collect his payment.
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Topsy Turvey World

Topsy Turvey World PoemA delightful poem by William Brighty Rands

If the butterfly courted the bee,
And the owl the porcupine;

Audio Length 1:04

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Trees PoemA poem by Sarah Colleridge.

The Oak is called the king of trees,
The Aspen quivers in the breeze,

Audio Length 0:46

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What Happened Christmas Eve

What Happened Christmas EveA lovely Christmas tale by Oliver Herfold.

Jessie and Fred had gone to bed very early so they might be the first to shout “Merry Christmas!” but their eyes would not stay shut.

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Whether the weather

Whether the weather RhymeAn anonymous rhyme.

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,

Audio Length 0:30

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Windy Nights

Windy Nights PoemA poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Whenever the moon and stars are set,
Whenever the wind is high,

Audio Length 0:57

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Winter PoemA frosty poem by William Shakespeare

When icicles hang by the wall,
And Dick the shepherd blows his nail

Audio Length 1:21

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Winter Time

Winter Time PoemA wintry poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,
A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;

Audio Length 1:27

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Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Wynken, Blynken and Nod PoemA lovely bedtime poem  Eugene Field.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night, sailed off in a wooden shoe…
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