Swing, Swing Poem

Swing, Swing ?

A fun poem by William Allingham

Swing, swing,
Sing, sing,
Here’s my throne, and I am King!
Swing, sing,
Swing, sing,
Farewell earth, for I’m on the wing!
Low, high,
Here I fly,
Like a bird through sunny sky;
Free, free,
Over the lea,
Over the mountain, over the sea!
Up, down,
Up and down,
Which is the way to London Town?
Where, where?
Up in the air,
Close your eyes, and now you are there!
Soon, soon,
Over the sunset, over the moon;
Far, far,
Over all bar,
Sweeping on from star to star!
No, no,
Low, low,
Sweeping daisies with my toe.
Slow, slow,
To and fro,
Slow — slow — slow — slow.



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