Seasonal Stories

A Fall Song

An autumn poem for children by Ellen Robena Field Golden and red treesNod to the soft breeze,As it whispers, “Winter ...
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Autumn Fires

A lovely autumn poem by Robert Louis Stevenson In the other gardensAnd all up the vale,From the autumn bonfiresSee the ...
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a big brown bear asleep in the snow

Down to Sleep

A fall poem by Helen Hunt Jackson November woods are bare and still;November days are clear and bright;Each noon burns ...
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an autumn tree with leaves falling

Fall, Leaves, Fall ?

A lovely autumn poem by Emily Bronte Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away Lengthen Night and shorten day; Every leaf ...
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A tree with leaves coming down

How the Leaves Came Down

“I’ll tell you how the leaves came down,”The great tree to his children said,“You’re getting sleepy, Yellow and Brown,Yes, very ...
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Spring ?

A lovely seasonal poem by William Blake Sound the flute!Now it's mute!Bird's delight,Day and night,Nightingale,In the dale,Lark in sky,Merrily,Merrily merrily, ...
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Windy Nights Poem

The Wind ?

A lovely short poem for children by Christina Rossetti Who has seen the wind?Neither I nor you.But when the leaves ...
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Whether the weather Rhyme

Whether the weather ?

A rhyme about the weather Whether the weather be fine,Or whether the weather be not,Whether the weather be cold,Or whether ...
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Winter Poem

Winter ?

A frosty poem by William Shakespeare When icicles hang by the wall,And Dick the shepherd blows his nail,And Tom bears ...
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Winter Time Poem

Winter Time ?

A wintry poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;Blinks but an hour or ...
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