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Please be aware that some of the materials on this Website,, are protected by copyright and that by using our website and our audio, you are agreeing to abide by our terms of use.

If you do not agree with the terms of use, please DO NOT use this website. By ‘Owner’ we mean Abigail Rice of Online Audio Stories; also referred to as

By ‘we/our/us’ we mean Online Audio Stories and its Owner.

By ‘website’ we mean

We draw your attention to certain materials that are the property of Online Audio Stories and its Owner but in so doing we do NOT imply that we are describing the full extent of our copyrighted property on this website.

All the stories, written work, artwork, audio and web design, content and ‘feel’ of the website are protected by copyright law and all rights are reserved.

  • You MAY download our audio and copy it for your own personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment, and that of your family.
  • You MAY play our audio to small audiences in individual educational establishments, hospitals, libraries, private parties and gatherings.
  • You MAY print our written stories for your own personal, non commercial use and enjoyment, and that of your family.
  • You may NOT edit any of our materials or remove any attribution to Online Audio Stories.
  • You may NOT redistribute, post, upload or publish any of the audio on this website.
  • You man NOT copy our content for purposes of creating or building a similar site to
  • You may NOT create copies of our materials for purposes other than sharing with your family.
  • You may NOT broadcast our audio in a more general way than stated above.
  • You may NOT suggest any association between Online Audio Stories and any brands, services or products.

Most images on are the copyrighted property of the artist and are used here with permission which we cannot transfer to our members and you are therefore are NOT PERMITTED to download or copy these for any purpose.

Before you use any of our materials in ANY way not permitted here, you will need a written license granted specifically to you, your company or establishment from the Owner of Online Audio Stories. Should you wish to request a written license, please contact the Owner of Online Audio Stories:

Should you wish to find details for an artist, please contact us and we will endeavour to help.

In some instances, Online Audio Stories uses the original text of stories which are in the public domain in the UK but please be aware that different countries have different copyright laws, and that it is your responsibility to check if a work is in the public domain where you are before you download, copy or print it.

Please note that, even when we have used the original text, the audio and performance are copyrighted to Online Audio Stories and all rights are reserved.

In some cases, Online Audio Stories has rewritten or adapted the original stories and these versions are NOT in the public domain; they are the copyrighted property of Online Audio Stories and all rights are reserved.

Any commercial use of the Website (, Content (non-public domain stories, any audio, any artwork, non-public domain texts or anything on the website including logos) is strictly prohibitedwithout our written license specifically to you, your company or establishment

Limitation of Liability: Online Audio Stories shall not be liable in any way for any damages, direct or indirect, to any users for any reason.

Disclaimer: Online Audio Stories provides stories and materials which the Owner deems to be suitable for a wide audience. However Online Audio Stories accepts no responsibility for exposing adults or children to material that any users feel is inappropriate, or of a cultural or religious background dissimilar to their own.

But be assured that it is very important to us that we screen all our materials and that we provide an enjoyable website.

Online Audio Stories does not guarantee that all functions and hypertext links on our website will be uninterrupted or error-free.

We cannot guarantee that the server hosting the website will be free of viruses or other dangerous components.

Online Audio Stories makes every effort to ensure that any original works by third parties are either licensed to us, or are within the public domain. Should you suspect that any of our material is not licensed to us or not in the public domain, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Online Audio Stories reserves the right to remove their services at any time from the internet.

We reserve the right to withdraw permissions granted on our website at any time and to change our Terms of Use or Copyright Notice at any time. We will draw attention to such changes on our website.

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