Online Audio Stories was created by Abigail Rice, a professional actress and writer.


Abigail grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland with stories like William Tell, The Sound of Music and Heidi as firm favorites. A backdrop of the majestic Alps gave her a sense of wonder at the beautiful world we live in and the magic hidden in it. A real dreamer, she loved to explore the realms of her imagination and now relishes every opportunity to revisit the magic and mystery of childhood.

A move to the UK saw Abigail attend drama school at Birmingham School of Acting. During her time as a Teaching Assistant in London, Abigail had the opportunity of working at a whole host of schools around London and it was there that she learned her love of story telling, especially to children 🙂

And now, living in the beautiful Czech Republic, her passion for fairytales continues. Tales of by-gone eras can be heard rushing down the old cobbled streets, bouncing of  monuments and whispered between tree tops for those who wish to listen. Prague and its surroundings is a beautiful place steeped in history and a little bit of magic 🙂

When not reading to your children, Abigail works as an actress at the Prague Shakespeare Company and on various web and TV shows filmed in Prague. She also loves working on Stories Aloud – audio stories packed with sound effects and music to play from your mobile phone! If you want to know more about Abigail, visit her website at www.abigailrice.com


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