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A Lac of Rupees for a bit of Advice

A Lac of Rupees for a Bit of Advice StoryA Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Having been banished by his father,the king, for buying advice from a poor woman, he sets out on his own. The advice proves true and by following it, he avoids danger and realises his potential.
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BinnorieA Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

The jealous princess takes her sister to the mill-stream of Binnorie to drown her. But will she be silenced forever?

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Cap O’Rushes

Cap O'Rushes FairytaleThe Fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Disappointed with his youngest daughter’s answer as to how much she loves him, the King throws her out of the castle. She finds work as a maid and slowly her fortune changes, but can she prove her love to him?
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How Jack Went to Seek his Fortune

How Jack Went Forth to Seek his FortuneA funny story by Joseph Jacobs.

Jack accumulates animal friends on his journey to seek his fortune. Needing a place to rest, he makes a plan to see off some robbers living in a house.
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Jack and His Golden Snuff-Box

Jack and His Golden Snuff-BoxA fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Never having met any other than his own parents, Jack heads off into the world and before long meets a lovely girl whose father offers her hand if he can pass three tasks. But when one goes awry, he has one year to set things straight, with a little help from his friends.
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Jack and the Beanstalk

The Story of Jack and the BeanstalkThe famous fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

A young boy exchanges his cow for some beans and his angry mother throws them into the garden. But by morning, a giant beanstalk leads Jack to another world.
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Jack Hannaford

Jack Hannaford StoryA Joseph Jacobs Story.

After Jack Hannaford’s visit, we are all left wondering who is silliest; the man or his wife!
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Johnny Cake

Johnny Cake StoryThe original Gingerbread Man story by Joseph Jacobs.

This Johnny Cake hops out of the oven and rolls off down the lane, scoffing as he goes. Is anyone he meets faster than him?

Audio Length 5:52

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Lazy Jack

Lazy Jack StoryA story by Joseph Jacobs.

Jack’s mother is fed up with his laziness and sends him out to get work. Each day he finds work and each night manages to ruin his reward.

Audio Length 5:10

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Mouse and Mouser

Mouse and Mouser StoryA play by Joseph Jacobs.

It seems some friendships are never meant to be; as the Mouse and the Cat show here.
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Mr. Vinegar

Mr. Vinegar  Fairy TaleA Story by Joseph Jacobs.

Upon finding some money, this poor couple decide to purhcase a cow and sell the milk and cheese. But when Mr.Vinegar buys the cow, he becomes distracted and makes a few bad decisions.
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Nix Nought Nothing

Nix Nought Nothing StoryA story from Joseph Jacobs.

The unfortunate name of ‘Nix Nought Nothing’ leads to a misunderstanding and the King’s boy is given to a giant! With the help of the giant’s daughter, he escapes. But will his parents know him now that he’s a man?
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Teeny-Tiny Story

A lovely little story from  Joseph Jacbos

This teeny-tin woman lives in a teeny-tiny world and a teeny-tiny voice has frightened her.
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The Old Woman and Her Pig

The Old Woman and Her Pig StoryA funny short story by Joseph Jacobs.

This woman goes to great lengths to get her pig home; requesting the help of a host of strangers who all need a little persuasion.

Audio Length 5:42

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The Three Bears

The Three Bears StoryThe original fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

Three Bears leave their morining porridge to cool as they take a walk in the forest. Meanwhile a naughty old woman ventures inside and helps herself to whatever she can find. What will the bears do when they get back?
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The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs StoryThe original story of the famous fairy tale by Joseph Jacobs.

The Big Bad Wolf meets his match with the third little pig who lives in a house of bricks, so he tries to lure him out earlier and earlier each day…
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The Three Sillies

The Three Sillies StoryA funny short story by Joseph Jacobs.

The Gentleman had never met such silly people as his fiancee’s family, so he sets off to find some even sillier than them before marrying the daughter.
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Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse

Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse StoryA short story by Joseph Jacobs.

Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse do everything at the same time, but this time, it is not so. Follow the long series of events that equalisethe balance.
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Tom Tit Tot

Tom Tit Tot FairytaleA fairytale by Joseph Jacobs.

The king has married a girl on the condition that she spins five yarn bundles a day in the last month of every year. But she cannot, so when a black goblin offers his help, she accepts. His price, however, is high and now it is time to collect his payment.
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