Online Audio Stories is the sister site of Tales of Time. produces great quality audio stories and each story is layered in hundreds of sound effects and accompanying music for a better and more enhanced audio experience.

Both sites were created by Abigail Rice and Dalibor Kozak in 2007 when the couple were living in a tiny flat in Carshlaton, London.

Holding down day jobs and getting the website online was a challenge as every evening and weekend would be knuckles to the grind. We were very proud to launch the website in December 2008.

Since moving to our new home, Jesenik, a beautiful region of the Czech Republic, it is only Abigail who works on the stories, as Dalibor has lots of work in his other area of interest – but is needed to help on more occasions than Abigail will admit

She loved audio books and stories and a child. A real dreamer, she loved to explore the realms of her imagination and now relishes every opportunity to revisit the magic and mystery of childhood.

Living in the countryside of Moravia has only enhanced her passion for the good old fashioned fairy tale. Steeped in culture and tradition, it’s magic still echoing amongst the trees of the deepest, darkest forests.

She trained as an actress at Birmingham School of Acting and discovered her love of reading to children whilst working as a teaching assistant at various schools in London.

She sources the stories, then records them and edits them.

You can tell in her voice that Abigail loves to read for your children and she hopes you love the stories as much as she does.

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